Microsoft's Battle with TomTom: Shape of Things to Come?

Feb 27, 2009

Microsoft's current patent suit against navigation software maker TomTom has caused quite a stir in the Open Source arena and might turn into a wave of MS attacks on Linux.

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CeBIT Open Source: Live Stream of Forum Talks for Free

Feb 26, 2009

In March (3-8, 2009), CeBIT will once again be opening its gates in Hannover, Germany. The world's largest and most renowned trade fair for the world of IT and telecommunications will be featuring Open Source topics in hall 6. The CeBIT Open Source Forum 2009 will be the venue of daily lectures on the use of Linux and free software - and you can watch them online, live and for free!

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Ballmer: Linux More Dangerous than Apple

Feb 25, 2009

Linux is proving to be a stronger competitor than Apple for Microsoft, says Steve Ballmer at a recent Strategic Update meeting with investors, and has a supporting graphic to prove it.

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QT Axes Jambi: Possible Future as Community Project?

Feb 20, 2009

The coming March release of QT Jambi will probably be the last. QT Software will discontinue support for the Java version.

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Linux Chrome with Gtk+: Cross-Platform Complication

Feb 19, 2009

If Google were to use Qt, things would be much simpler and Chrome would have a unified interface under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. But Google isn't satisfied with Qt.

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FBReaderJ 0.3.0: Free E-Book Reader for Android

Feb 18, 2009

FBReaderJ, a GPL program for e-book display on the Android mobile platform, is now available in version 0.3.0.

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G2: This Time on Vodafone

Feb 18, 2009

A presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona revealed that HTC and Vodafone are releasing a G2 phone (a.k.a. HTC Magic) as the successor to HTC and T-Mobile's G1 Android phone. Vodafone claims "exclusive deal" for G2. Where goeth the G3?

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Legal Video Downloads: YouTube goes Offline

Feb 17, 2009

Until now, watching YouTube videos offline has been an awkward business, possible only with Firefox plugins or similar contraptions. Now, with the help of Creative Commons licenses, this could soon change.

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