Mozilla Resolves EULA Dispute

Sep 18, 2008

The dispute over the display of the EULA in the new Firefox has been settled.

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Mozilla Responds to the EULA Controversy

Sep 16, 2008

At Mozilla’s request, Ubuntu users are required to read an extensive End-User License Agreement (EULA) before they can use the Firefox browser. The head of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker, has responded to the hefty criticism of this plan.

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Mozilla Asks for License Integration into Ubuntu

Sep 15, 2008

Before Ubuntu users can run the Firefox open source browser, they will henceforth need to accept extensive licensing terms. According to Mark Shuttleworth, the terms were imposed by Mozilla Corporation.

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Beta 1: Opera 9.6 with RSS preview

Sep 11, 2008

RSS preview, Atom-feeds and improved bookmarking facilities are the new features in the upcoming version 9.6 of the Opera Web Browser.

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Web Application with C++ and FastCGI

Sep 10, 2008

The free library Fastcgi++ Version 1.0, which enables the programming of web applications in C++ language, is now available.

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WordPress 2.6.2 released for security reasons

Sep 09, 2008

Free blog software WordPress notifies of a security update in its 2.6.2 version.

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Google Chrome: Improved support in Wine 1.1.4... with a caveat

Sep 09, 2008

Free project WINE now offers the newest version (1.1.4) of its runtime environment. Among its features is better support for Google Chrome.

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Javascript: Pre-version of Mozilla Firefox holds up against Google Chrome

Sep 04, 2008

Google touts its Javascript engine version 8, among other things, as setting new speed records for its Chrome browser. Linux Magazine found during a benchmark test that the next Firefox generation can keep up with it.

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