TWiki The TWiki wiki and the enterprise

Jun 01, 2005

A wiki can keep corporate groups on schedule and support collaboration. TWiki is both a leading open-source Wiki for the enterprise and a collaboration platform for building web applications.

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Wiki and Blog Intro The age of the interactive web

Jun 01, 2005
In the beginning, the web only went one way. Someone behind the server “got the content ready,” and it appeared to......
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Apr 01, 2005
PHP 5 Power Programming Nessus Network Auditing Open Source Network Administration...
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Mar 01, 2005
PHP Samba Zip nfs-utils Kernel...
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PHP for Sysadmins Using PHP in administration scripts

Jan 01, 2005

Most admins tend to use the shell, Perl,or Python if they need a system administration script. But there is no need for web programmers to learn another language just to script a routine task. PHP gives admins the power to program command-line tools and even complete web interfaces.

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Rails Framework Web applications with Ruby and Rails

Jan 01, 2005

Most web libraries make 90 percent of the job simple and the rest impossible. Rails,an open source framework programmed in Ruby,is flexible enough to succeed with that remaining 10 percent.

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