Ktools: Superkaramba

Decorating the Desktop


SuperKaramba is always a pretty sight,with a collection of themes that

allow users to give their desktops that personal touch.

The SuperKaramba desktop extension

really livens up your desktop.

SuperKaramba is useful for a wide

range of tasks, such as displaying processor

load or memory usage information,

logfiles, or newsfeeds, Superkaramba

gives you a tidy and flexible approach to

setting up your desktop.

Flexibility is one of SuperKaramba’s

biggest benefits. With just a few lines of

script you can quickly modify the program

to reflect your needs. This

flexibility means that there is no such

thing as a default Superkaramba configuration.

But read on to learn more about a

colorful assortment of preconfigured

examples (also know as themes) that

range from extremely useful to just


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Read full article as PDF:

Ktools_Superkaramba.pdf (210.11 kB)


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