Linking Linux to your Bluetooth Mobile Phone



It is becoming increasingly common for new generation mobile phones to have an integrated Bluetooth interface. This article explores how to access your Bluetooth phone using Linux.

Bluetooth has the potential to become one of the most popular toys of the next few years. Because Bluetooth data traffic is transmitted directly from one Bluetooth device to another, Bluetooth does not cost anything. You can easily export wallpaper and ring tones from your PC to your mobile phone, or from your mobile phone to any other Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth protocol can do more than just exchange business cards and photos. It can replace an infrared remote control or even a mouse. Bluetooth is especially interesting for Linux users, as many functions that use USB or the serial port on Windows will only work with Bluetooth under Linux.

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Read full article as PDF:

Bluetooth_Mobile_Phones.pdf (401.08 kB)


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