Working with KoolDock and KXDocker



If the KDE Kicker is not graphical, or spectacular enough for your taste,

you can dress up KDE with KoolDock or KXDocker.

The Kicker is the KDE command

base. Kicker launches programs,

switches desktops, and adds

applets to the panel. Besides these basic

functions, the program also offers a few

graphical tricks. Kicker supports transparency

and animated program launch

icons with a magnifying glass effect

when you hover the mouse over an icon.

Unfortunately, the default KDE taskbar

cannot match the graphical elegance of

the Mac OS X dock. Matias Fernandez,

Francisco Guidi, and Stefano wanted

more than the default design. Matias

and Francisco developed an add-on

KDE taskbar that resembles the

Mac OS X dock, and Stefano also

developed an OS X-like taskbar for

KDE. In this article. I’ll describe

KoolDock [1] and KXDocker [2]

and reveal how you can enhance

your KDE desktop with one of

these taskbars.

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Read full article as PDF:

KoolDock_KXDocker.pdf (302.04 kB)


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