Making Music with Linux Multimedia Studio


Article from Issue 61/2005

Linux has truly started to compete with Windows and MacOS as a platform for professional sound applications. Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) is a Linux sound tool that packs a variety of impressive features into a neat bundle.

Not too long ago, multimedia and Linux were separate worlds, but – thank goodness – the situation has changed dramatically. Linux no longer lags behind Windows and MacOS even in the field of music productions: Audacity brings sound editing power to Linux, Rosegarden handles Midi, and Hydrogen gives you the ability to put beats and rhythms together. Last but not least, Csound adds customized software synthesizers and effects. As you will no doubt have noticed, there is a separate tool for each task, although many users would prefer an integrated system instead of individual components for really creative work. This led to the launch of the Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) in spring last year. LMMS combines all the functionality of the programs I just mentioned in a single interface that looks a bit like Fruity Loops on Windows.

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