Cutting power costs with KPowersave



KPowersave gives KDE users a single easy interface for configuring power management settings.

Modern hardware comes with

any number of power-saving

options. KPowersave [1] provides

a simple interface for managing

these power options in Linux.

Useful Helpers

KPowersave requires an up-to-date KDE

version. You’ll also need a few helper applications.

The Hardware Abstraction

Layer (HAL) [2] facilitates access to peripherals.

The version on your machine

must be 0.5.4 or later. D-Bus, a technology

that programs use to communicate

on the X Window System [3], should be

version 0.33 or newer, and you also need

Powersave [4] 0.10.15 or newer.

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Read full article as PDF:

KTools_KPowersave.pdf  (710.01 kB)


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