Designing greetings cards with KreetingKard


Article from Issue 65/2006

If you want to send your friends birthday greetings or a personalized picture postcard, KreetingKard can help.

If you are looking for something more than impersonal, store-bought greeting cards, or even if you just want to add a personal note to your vacation snapshots, you may be interested in the KDE tool known as KreetingKard. KreetingKard can give your postcards and greetings cards an individual design. Installation

KreetingKard Version 0.7.1 is available from the KreetingKard homepage at [1] as a source code archive and a Klik file [2] for OpenSuse 10, Kanotix, and CPX Mini [3]. The Klik file is easy to install, assuming you have the Klik client.

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