Creating ICC color profiles with Argyll CMS



An ICC color profile ensures that an image always looks the same – regardless of the output device. The free Argyll CMS software package lets you create color profiles in Linux.

Linux has a number of powerful programs for graphics, image manipulation, and Desktop Publishing (DTP). You can even use free software to manipulate the raw formats produced by several high-quality digital cameras. Photographers who are looking for color consistency need to use a Color Management System (CMS). Consistent color management means that color output on all output devices (including monitors as well as printers) accurately reflects the image captured by the input device (typically a digital camera or scanner). To put this simply: If you hold the hard copy next to the monitor, you should not be able to see any difference between the two images.

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Read full article as PDF:

Creating_ICC_Color_Profiles.pdf  (210.43 kB)


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