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Article from Issue 86/2008
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Developers are constantly looking for new ways to interact with the versatile Linux kernel. We study some innovative projects leading deep into kernel space.

Most Linux users know they can rely on the kernel without ever giving it much thought. But if you do look a little deeper, you’ll find some evolving technologies that extend the kernel in interesting ways. This month we cover some innovations at the edges of the Linux kernel.

Our first article describes the new userspace driver model in upcoming kernel versions. In our second story, Klaus Knopper looks at block device compression with the Cloop module, which lets Live CD developers put up to 2GBs on a 700MB CD. We’ll also examine kernelbased virtualization with KVM, and we’ll end with a look at the Flash Translation Layer and the LogFS flash filesystem.

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    The Linux kernel mailing list comprises the core of Linux development activities. Traffic volumes are immense, often reaching ten thousand messages in a given week, and keeping up to date with the entire scope of development is a virtually impossible task for one person. One of the few brave souls to take on this task is Zack Brown. Our regular monthly column keeps you abreast of the latest discussions and decisions, selected and summarized by Zack. Zack has been publishing a weekly online digest, the Kernel Traffic news letter for over five years now. Even reading Kernel Traffic alone can be a time consuming task. Linux Magazine now provides you with the quintessence of Linux Kernel activities, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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