Customize your mail environment with the light and powerful Claws Mail


Claws also includes a feature called processing that is similar to filtering. Processing rules are attached to a folder and can be run automatically when entering the folder.


The Claws Mail's template feature lets you predefine templates for faster and easier composition. You can use templates to fill the message headers or body with static or dynamic content. This predefined content can include symbols and settings for date elements, tags, dictionaries, account properties, and information held in the address book. Commands within templates let you automatically insert files or program output into a message.

The reply template shown in Listing 1 shows a familiar example. This template resembles the standard introduction that often accompanies a message reply. Claws Mail offers almost total flexibility to customize the text and format. In this case, the reply includes the name of the respondent (Regards, Paul) as well as a random Unix-style fortune at the end of the message.

Listing 1

A Reply Template


Address Book

The Claws Mail address book holds information about contacts (Figure 3). The user can configure a custom attributes list, allowing quick definition of important fields.

Figure 3: Manage your contacts with the Claws Mail address book.

The data held in the address book can be used for automatic address completion in the Compose window. Address book data can be used with anti-spam plugins and whitelisting tools.

With the address book, you also can pre-fill fields used in templates. Reading and writing to LDAP servers and vCards is supported, and jPilot synchronization is supported.

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