Fedora 9 DVD

Fedora 9 DVD

Fedora 9 is an evolutionary enhancement to a distribution that continues to improve with each release. The Fedora project combines the benefits of Red Hat engineering with the freedom and flexibility of a community-based distribution. Red Hat uses Fedora as a test bed for technologies that might one day appear in the premium, enterprise-grade Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We are proud to bring you Fedora 9 as this month's Linux Pro Magazine DVD.

What's New?

This DVD comes with a re-spin version of Fedora 9 that includes bug fixes, security updates, and other improvements added since the official Fedora release.

New features in Fedora 9 include PackageKit, a single, easy-to-use package manager that supports a variety of package systems, as well as the FreeIPA security management application, and an improved version of the NetworkManger configuration utility.

Fedora's USB Creator tool lets you turn a USB stick into a bootable device and still keep the data that was already on the drive – Fedora calls this a "persistent, nondestructive" Live USB implementation.

The latest Fedora also comes with virtualization improvements and experimental Ext4 filesystem support.


The KDE 4 and Gnome 2.22 desktops shipped with Fedora 9 usher in an assortment of additional improvements. Gnome 2.22 comes with a new webcam photo and creation utility called Cheese, as well as a new Remote Desktop utility, Google Calendar enhancements, and better support for digital TV.

KDE 4 offers the new Dolphin file manager, a new control center interface, and the new Plasma desktop shell.

Easy Install

Fedora's Anaconda installer provides a helpful interface for setting up your system.

Improvements to Anaconda include options for resizing ext2, ext3, and NTFS partitions, as well as support for creating encrypted filesystems. Anaconda comes with both graphic and text-based installation options, and if you are an administrator who needs to roll out a whole network, you can even automate installation with a Kickstart file.

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  • what's the dvd not recognized as disk 1 with gui install error "fix"

    I have 2 F9 DVD's, one "respin" form Linux mag...thanks very much..plus one I downloaded.
    Both give the same error and "test" OK.
    When running a gui install, after selecting packages when the progress bar is about 70% a dialog box appears asking for disk 1. I've not found a way to get past this with the gui install.
    Text mode install works just fine....
    What's the fix?
  • Monthly DVD covers for download will be back

    Thank you for your feedback! We will reinstate the monthly DVD covers for download. This will go back to #95 / October 08, the first one shipped without the plastic box, so there will be no gap in your collection.

    Please check back for the DVD inlays in the Archives a few weeks: http://www.linux-magazine.com/issues
  • Missing DVD case cover sheet

    I miss the cases, though I can do without them, but would really like to have the inserts so I can continue to reuse the cases I have for the distros I particularly like to keep. Would it be too much trouble to continue to provide the case inserts?
  • Shift from Plastic DVD Case to Paper Wrap

    As a subscriber of your magazine I was used to your flat DVD plastic cases.
    Since you went "green" with your last issue the case disappeared.
    As a RHEL/CentOS/Fedora user I am particularly interested in storing DVDs covering one of those distros
    while I usually don't care too much for the others (e.g. OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Xandros for me are the usual throw away candidates)
    So at least I would expect some DVD cover sheet PDF or similar to print out and wrap my own case with it.
    But I cannot find it on your website.
    Did it also fell prey to your GreenIT ambitions?
    I know that these days DVDs seem hardly justified as almost anyone has flat rate high bandwidth Internet subscription.
    Me too, so I could well run an overnight atjob to download the ISO and have it burned on a DVD.
    But still this would take 2-3 hrs. and then, lacking a fancy disk printer, the hand scribbled title wouldn't look as pleasing.
  • Fedora 9 Re-spin Disk (Linux Magazine Issue 95 Oct 2008)

    There's a bug on the opening screen when using Tab to switch between menu options.
  • Fedora 9 Re-spin Disk (Linux Magazine Issue 95 Oct 2008)

    Disk doesn't contain file diskboot.img so how do I create a bootable USB stick?
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Linux_Magazine_DVD.pdf (344.73 kB)


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