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Project Cauã aims to bring open source resources to Latin America and around the world.

In today’s world, we have a “digital divide,” wherein some people have the means and tools to exploit technology and others do not. In most developing countries, people still pirate software because they cannot afford to pay for it. Since the software they pirate is typically closed source, they cannot change it to meet their needs.

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  • Another social reason - getting branded

    Ordinary people who can afford the tools but think the prices are a rip off. They still want to belong to dominant group, thus they pirate the software.

    Linux has an on line community, but where is the coffee bar brag session between a couple of people showing off the latest eye candy or whatever. The other person can get the same thing and reinforce their membership of the computer sameness club.

    How can Linux become a member of the sameness club. Apple did it, although I expect, with help from their dominant tech partner. Linux has past the disruptive tech stage in servers and the desktop.
    Let a commercial industry body, manage base CD/DVD contents for all. Let this body, market Linux for all the extra things a basic distro can do. Like the wonderful multiple desktops. Let it list approved hardware. Let it pressure device makers to supply open drivers. Let it manage sport, media, cartoon and concert sponsorship, Let it manage advertising.

    A single point of focus, like Microsoft and Apple are, would add Linux to the perception of the masses when thinking about computing. Want dual boot extras for your PC? - Get Linux the best their is.

    You've still got lots companies making a distro and being application and patching providers, plus support.
    So you need support in PC shops. Let the body manage the training qualification.
    That's about all you need. Just look what the proprietary companies did with their brand names.
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091-091_maddog.pdf (829.18 kB)


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