Creating plasmoids with JavaScript



With KDE 4.4, plasmoids can now be written in JavaScript or QtScript, thus opening up a whole new class of applications. Marcel shows how easy it is to build JavaScript plasmoids.

As a non-programmer, I have an insane amount of respect for programmers. Part of it is because I’m married to a programmer (insert appropriate smiley here), but part of it is because they seem to have this superhuman ability to understand strange languages and turn them into things I either need or want to have. Programmers and coders, specifically those who create free and open source software, are responsible for the amazing Linux system I am using to write this. So, my thanks to you all.

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  • Thanks for the article

    I switched to KDE desktop just a few weeks ago and I'm really amazed how smart the architecture behind Plasma desktop is. Ever since exploring it I've been hoping that one day I would write my own Plasma widget. Since I don't know how to programm in C++ this is quite some time n the future, but I know JS a bit so i might try with it first. So thanks for the article so that I can try it out. Looks easy enough.
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Read full article as PDF:

024-030_marcel.pdf (3.03 MB)


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