Ubuntu 10.04 Sixpack!


Ubuntu just rolled out the new version 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” release, and users around the world are waiting for a look. This month we bring you six great Lucid Lynx variants on a single-sided, double-layer DVD.

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  • Multibuntu

    Double layer DVD's are standard. Normal DVD players for movie watching are double layer capable. It's same with computer DVD players.

    But my question or comment. Is it so that Ubuntu distributions are 32bit only? It will work on 64bit computers too. But maybe most Ubuntu interested readers do have already newer 64bit systems. 64bit computers has been sold for consumer computers over three years for now.

    My opinion is that there should be just two Ubuntu installation packages (32 and 64 bit) but all related packages for Myth/Xubu/Studio and other combinations. Because they are all same.
    For such media I would have use for.
  • No problem

    Every DVD drive can read dual-layer discs, that's been part of the DVD spec from the beginning.
  • Double-layer DVDs?

    What leads you to believe that most of your DVD subscribers own double-layer players?
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Read full article as PDF:

016-016_DVD.pdf (1.26 MB)


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