A new aggregate queue length algorithm for network bottlenecks



The persistent and growing problem of bufferbloat is getting serious relief from a new active queue management tool known as a Controlled Delay – a tool that, thanks to heroic efforts, is now ready for Linux.

The controlled delay management (CoDel) aggregate queue length (AQL) algorithm is the brainchild of Kathleen Nichols and Van Jacobson, who have been working on creating a workable active queue management (AQM) solution for modern broadband-rich networks for 14 years, according to Bell Labs programmer Jim Gettys (one of the creators of X Window), who has been vocal on the problem of bufferbloat that now plagues systems.
Gettys has written quite a bit about bufferbloat and has gotten a lot of people worked up about the continued health of the Internet. But if you’ve missed the discussion, here’s a quick review

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