HPC in the cloud with StarCluster

Cluster in the Cloud


Some changes at Amazon require an update to the StarCluster article.

An astute reader pointed out that the code in the Star-Cluster article (Linux Magazine issue 144, pp. 16-20) is outdated. The material here replaces the “Build Log” box on page 19 and Listing 10 on page 20. Listing 11 is new. References to ami-d3ce7bba become ami-d60185bf; starcluster-base-scientific-linux-6.2-x86_64-06 becomes -6.2-x86_64-10. Download the code from Linux Pro Magazine online.

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    Cloud computing has become a viable option for highperformance computing. In this article, we discuss the use case for cloud-based HPC, introduce the StarCluster toolkit, and show how to build a custom machine image for compute nodes.

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Read full article as PDF:

094-095_erratum_test.pdf (513.63 kB)


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