A visit to the Angry Birds store in the Amazon cloud

A Well-Feathered Nest


Thanks to the scalability of Amazon's web services, the Angry Birds shop and its databases do not fail even when visited by a teaming mass of bird lovers.

Rovio became known in 2009 with a small game that first appeared as a smartphone app. In the game, angry birds cause buildings to collapse with full wing power. Today, the Finnish company mainly generates revenue with T-shirts, cuddly toys, and key rings. Up to a million users a day visit the Angry Birds store in the cloud. At peak times, 5,000 visitors might be online at the same time, and the system processes multiple orders per second.

Rovio relies on Magento, an open source application for e-commerce, and combines it with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to operate the shop economically in quieter times. Rovio's Magento universe consists of the store with front ends for Europe, Asia, and America.

Integration to an external system exists to global warehouse management, shipping, a DRM server for licensing games, an email and gift card service, and the payment service Braintree.


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