A handy trio of tools for protecting your privacy

Triple Trick

Article from Issue 157/2013

Maybe you can't stop the NSA, but you can still take meaningful steps to protect your privacy.

We've all read the reports about Internet companies and government agencies that are tracking people. Like many Linux users, you might be interested in making your system as "NSA-proof" as possible. The tools and techniques for cyberprivacy are far too numerous to cover in a single article, but most of the challenge boils down to three basic objectives:

  • Secure data at rest
  • Secure data in transit
  • Clean up

Securing data at rest means encrypting the data as it sits in storage somewhere – which might be on your own drive or in a Dropbox or Carbonite folder in the cloud. Securing data in transit means encrypting and anonymizing information so no one can read your messages or trace your Internet activity. Cleaning up means you don't leave information around for others to find.


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