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Off the Beat * Bruce Byfield

11 Ways to Fit into a Free Software Project Many technical writers believe that all they need are writing skills. Consequently, my contracts usually began with a period of proving to developers that I could handle the technical details as well.

Gluglug Laptops Get FSF Respect Your Freedom Certification To some, free software is just a pay cheque or a way of life. However, for some, it means working toward the goal of free-licensed computers that are fully controlled by their users.

Free Software's Lack of Women Leaders Counting the number of women active in free software may be impossible, but governing boards and executive teams are listed clearly – and women are seriously under-represented on almost all of them.

Productivity Sauce * Dmitri Popov

Build Your Own Portable Linux Distro with Porteus Building a customized Linux distribution can be a daunting proposition – unless you use Porteus Wizard. This clever and simple service lets you create a custom Live CD distro that fits a USB stick and loads in RAM.

Send Tabs from Desktop Version of Firefox In a previous post, I described how to use Firefox for Android to send tabs to other devices and machines, but what about the other way around: sending tabs from the desktop version of Firefox to Android devices and other machines?


Understanding I/O Patterns with strace, Part III By Jeff Layton

In the third article of this three-part series, we look at simple write examples in Python and track the output with strace to see how it affects I/O patterns and performance.

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An Introduction to FreeNAS By Ben Milman and Mark VonFange

We provide an overview of FreeNAS and ZFS, its main filesystem, then show you how to set up and maintain a FreeNAS installation.

Data Visualization Tools By Tim Schürmann

Logfiles contain extremely useful traces of everyday events – if only they weren't so boring. Fortunately, special tools help you generate and even animate colorful, easily interpretable graphics.

Incremental Backups on Linux By Jeff Layton

Although commercial Linux backup tools are available, many people prefer open source to better understand and control the backup process. One open source tool that can do both full and incremental backups is rsync.


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