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Linux Pro Online * <U><U>

<B>Off the Beat<B> * Bruce Byfield

Review: Jono Bacon's Dealing with Disrespect Given Jono Bacon's experience as a community leader in free software, his latest book, Dealing with Disrespect, comes with high expectations.

GitHub Shows How Not to Manage a Crisis The allegations of workplace harassment at GitHub make for an ugly story if they're true and are ugly in another way if they are motivated by personal differences.

Productivity Sauce * Dimitri Popov

Bookmark Locations on Android with Geo Bookmark At first glance, Geo Bookmark looks like a rather pointless app, but this one-trick pony can come in rather useful in many situations.

Browser-Based File Sharing with ShareDrop The ShareDrop service can come in handy when sharing files and documents with machines on the same network.

Clean up Whiteboard Snaps The Whiteboard Picture Cleaner script is a nifty ImageMagick one-liner that can transform snapshots of whiteboard doodles and scribbles into cleaned up and legible images.

Paw Prints * Jon "maddog" Hall

goto FAIL -- Free and Open Source vs. Closed Source Proprietary Code The OpenSSL bug has generated an abundance of articles and TV reports about the validity, security, and quality of Open Source code.


Arithmagician By Anna Kobylinska and Filipe Martins

Hadoop 2.x and its associated tools promise to deliver big data solutions to anyone with unstructured data and the need for multidimensional data analysis.

SSHFS -- Installation and Performance By Jeff Layton

Sharing data saves space, reduces data skew, and improves data management. See how the SSHFS shared filesystem in userspace performs.

ADMIN Online

Encrypting Files, Directories, and Filesystems By Jeff Layton

The revelation of widespread government snooping has sparked a renewed interest in data storage security via encryption.

FreeRADIUS for WiFi Hotspots By Carsten Schnober

Use WPA Enterprise and a FreeRADIUS server to set up a user password solution for wireless users.

virt-builder Generates VM Images in a Flash By Oliver Frommel

The virt-builder tool lets you create new virtual machines in just a few seconds.


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