Chapeau Linux multimedia and gaming platform

Installing Software

In addition to the preinstalled selections, Chapeau Linux offers a variety of other programs for installation in its repositories. The most convenient approach is via the Software entry in the application bar: It takes you to a basic window that offers much simpler operations than, for example, Synaptic, YaST, or the Mandriva Control Center.

In the main area of the window, you can choose between the three options Featured, Picks, and Categories. Featured explains the basic functions of individual applications in a few sentences. Picks contains several programs, some of which are already installed. A click on the program icon also explains the application in question in a few words and provides a link to the website of the corresponding project. The 12 buttons under Categories represent different application groups. Here, you can search for and install applications by topic (Figure  3).

Figure 3: Chapeau Linux clearly organizes its program collection into categories.

The categories in turn are organized into several subgroups, so you quickly find the right program for your needs, without having to browse endless lists. Again, in each subgroup is a Featured category that lists several programs; software that is already installed is marked with a blue "Installed" box. This clear representation is particularly attractive to newcomers, encouraging them to browse the software collection and try less well known programs (Figure 4).

Figure 4: In Chapeau Linux, you install new programs at the push of a button.

To install a new program, you simply press its button in the list and select the blue Install on the next screen. The routine then downloads the appropriate software off the web and installs it on your hard drive. Removing installed applications is just as easy: Simply select a program and click on the red Remove button in the respective subgroup.


Chapeau Linux impresses with its complete software selection. The distribution is especially suitable for beginners interested in handling demanding multimedia tasks without the cumbersome installation of additional proprietary software and codecs, as well as for gamers moving from other platforms.

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