Installer framework Calamares at a glance


Popular distributions such as Debian, openSuse, or Fedora are unlikely to drop the installers they have maintained for many years in favor of Calamares. This is especially attributable to distribution-specific features that Calamares does not offer. Fedora at least delivers Calamares as a package, which is likely to help developers of derivatives. But, it is conceivable for distributors to offer Calamares as an additional alternative for beginners along with their own installers. After all, Calamares has convinced nearly two dozen distributions who now rely on the modular model. They include Apricity, Chakra, KaOS, Manjaro, Siduction, Tanglu, and – in recent weeks – KDE Neon.

Calamares offers prebuilt modules for the appropriate steps, but it also gives you enough freedom to install your own modules and customize the look. Thus, beginners will probably see a growing number of distributions with a single installer in the future. This way, harmonization on Linux makes sense and is fun.

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