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Article from Issue 220/2019

Is your to-do list filling up faster and faster? Go For It! helps you work your way through your task list.

Linux supports many heavyweight applications that help you plan and implement projects [1, 2]. But if you are looking for a small tool that simply helps you to complete your upcoming tasks quickly, Go For It! [3] is the right choice. How easy is Go For It? The refreshingly sparse user interface contains only a timer and two lists: unfinished and completed tasks.


The software has only made its way into a few distributions so far. For Ubuntu and its derivatives, you can add a separate software repository to the system and update your package lists with the commands found in Listing 1, lines 1 and 2. Next, install the program with the command from line 3. The package manager automatically creates a matching entry in the desktop menu structure.

This completes the installation. Arch Linux and its derivatives have a ready-made package in their repositories, and Elementary OS lists the program in its AppCenter. There are no ready-made packages available for RPM-based systems yet.


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