Check Your Connection Speed with speedtest-cli

Dmitri Popov

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Dec 18, 2013 GMT
Dmitri Popov is a popular service for checking the speed of your Internet connection. But loading the page in a browser every time you need to quickly measure your current connection speed is not always practical. Enter speedtest-cli, a one-trick pony that lets you test your connection from the command line. Written in Python, the utility is easy to deploy. You can either install it using the pip install speedtest-cli command as root, or clone the project's GitHub repository and install the utility by running the python speedtest-cli/ install command. You can then use the speedtest-cli command to run the utility.

By default, the tool automatically picks the server closest to you, but you can force speedtest-cli to use a specific server. To do this, use the --list parameter to view a list of all available servers and their IDs, and then run the speedtest-cli --server ID command (replace ID with the actual ID of the desired server). The utility supports a few other parameters, and you can view them by running the speedtest-cli --help command.

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