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Back to School Supplies

Aug 21, 2008 GMT

It's been a quiet week on my blog, in part because it's that time of year again – the kids go back to school, and the parents do a lot of last-minute shopping and organizing. On my way to work this morning, I dropped my daughter off for her first day of Junior High. Yep, they really do grow up so fast. At her new school, the kids each get 9 weeks of computer classes. I'm still not sure what the curriculum will be, but I think some simple web design is part of it. Although 9 weeks a year might not sound like much computer training, it's 9 weeks more than she got at her previous school, so it's a start. I can't help but wonder how much technology will change before Cleo graduates high...
Django: Fret Free

Aug 18, 2008 GMT

On August 14, the first beta testing version of Django was released. We've been to a lot of events this year, and I heard people talking about Django at a few of them. In fact, several people I talked to didn't realize that Linux Pro Magazine is based in Lawrence, Kansas, but they did know that Django was developed here. Although our October issue won't hit the newsstands for a few more weeks, I couldn't wait to post Fret Free: Django and the Django Software Foundation. The article's author, Frank Wiles, has an office right down the street from ours. In fact, Frank is the only author who has ever walked down the street to review his article before I sent it to print. ( Thanks Frank!)
Article: Open source technology is hungry for new college grads

Aug 10, 2008 GMT's Amber Gillies wrote an in-depth article about how to make the move from college to a career in open source. According to Amber, "The key to being successful in the IT industry is interning while still attending college and taking some certification courses after graduation." Amber interviewed Drupal's Angela Byron, who started at Drupal after participating in Google's Summer of Code, and she also looks at internships and other suggestions that can help college grads move into open source careers.
Carla Schroder Rocking Linux Today

Aug 10, 2008 GMT

I'd intended to send a big congrats out to Carla Schroder when she first accepted her new role as Managing Editor of Linux Today, but OSCON and LinuxWorld got in the way and I accidentally skipped it on my List of Things To Do. Of course, I was reminded about this task when someone approached the Linux Pro booth at LinuxWorld and asked me whether we'd recently hired Carla. The answer is no – we still have a managing editor who has settled nicely into her role and doesn't plan to leave anytime soon – but I'd love to work with Carla one of these days, anyway. Better late than never, so here it goes: Congrats, Carla! Word on the street... or at LinuxWorld, at least... is that Carla's...
LinuxWorld videos: Community Managers

Aug 07, 2008 GMT

We've posted videos of Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (openSUSE) and Jono Bacon (Ubuntu) on our homepage. Our editor in chief, Joe Casad, was ready for his close up, while I did crowd control and said things like "Cut!" and "It's a wrap!" Our friends over at, Linuxchic and Tech Monkey, ran the cameras. Be sure to check out their site for podcasts, additional videos, and other updates from LinuxWorld.
LinuxWorld: Installfest video

Aug 06, 2008 GMT

Our friends from Alternageek posted a video interview with James Burgett of the ACCRC (Alameda County Computer Resource Center). James says that the project isn't just for the Bay Area and has sent Linux computers to every continent. Check back at for additional Alternageek videos from LinuxWorld.
PHPWomen Article Contest: Winners Announced!

Aug 06, 2008 GMT

PHPWomen announced the winners for the recent article contest, and congratulations goes out to Akrabat with Recursion and gerard with PHP CLI Tips And Tricks! The winners will receive copies of Zend Studio for Eclipse and a subscription to Linux Pro Magazine, in addition to having the opportunity to have their articles featured on our homepage.

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