Annvix 3.0 Based on Apparmor

Jan 03, 2008

About one year after the last major release, the Mandriva-based security distribution Annvix has now replaced RSBAC with Apparmor in version 3.0 and updated its collection of programs.

Kernel version supports multiple processors and up to 64GB RAM. The new version numbers of critical programs are PHP 5.2.5, Glibc 2.6.1, GCC 4.1.2, Apache 2.2.6 and Shorewall 3.4.6. The developers have codenamed the new version Freya.

On its How Does Annvix Compare to Other Distributions page the Canadian project writes that Annvix has been kept as “bloat-free” as possible: for example, the distribution does without an X-Windows server (see the List of packages). Installed packages are not enabled by default: for example, users have to start the SSH daemon manually. According to the project, Annvix is similar to Mandriva in that it uses the security reporting rool Rsec, which is based on Msec by Mandriva. In contrast to the Mandriva tool, Rsec does not initiate changes autonomously.

The Release Notes refer to further new program versions and provide information on the update scripts. The project's download pages have RPM packages with and without source code, and ISOs for network based installation. Annvix supports the i586 and x86_64 platforms.

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