Apache Directory Studio 1.5 Exports to ODF

Nov 09, 2009

The Apache Directory Studio LDAP frontend with browser and editor awaits new functions for exporting to Open Document Format and editing attribute types and object classes. The release includes a couple dozen enhancements and 50 bugfixes.

New features include the ability to merge schema elements such as object classes and attribute types of various directory servers into the Apache Directory Server. Also new is a value editor for universally unique identifier (UUID) and objectGUID and objectSID Active Directory attributes. Among the enhancements are cleartext passwords and multiple tabs for the entry editor. Bugfixes include accepting negative integers, showing context entries from an LDIF import and correct entry of MD5 passwords.

All new features are in the changelog, which links each entry to details in the request or bug report database. Download of version 1.5 is available for Linux, Mac and Windows versions, along with Eclipse plugins. Source code is under Apache License 2.0 in the Subversion repository.

Apache Directory Studio, an Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) application, was specially designed for the Apache Directory Server, but can be used with other LDAP servers. The Studio consists of, and is extendible by, many OSGi plugins.

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