Can Replacing Linux with Windows Save Millions?

Dec 09, 2008

A Microsoft study once more tries to prove that a company is clearly better off with Windows as its platform. Our colleagues at the Australian iTWire Magazine have reported back with an analysis to dispute that claim.

What first appears a success story really isn't. There were no real savings involved. Microsoft's study claimed that tool and equipment rental firm Speedy Hire can save 200,000 British pounds per year over five years by switching their systems from Linux to Windows and Microsoft Office.

The article first of all challenged the argument that Windows-based thin clients offered significant hardware cost savings over Linux-based ones. As the article says, "A thin client for Windows might be cheaper than a full-blown desktop PC, but Wyse bills the V50 as the Linux equivalent of the V90, and it is cheaper." Other areas challenged included support costs, software updates and patches, applications, authentication and performance. As the article progressed, the pounds kept dropping off. We wonder what will be left of the one million in five years.

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    Like any self-respecting Linux journalist, I’m often predisposed to take Microsoft to task. For the record, I do manage to spread it around, with occasional reflections on Apple and Google, because I truly believe our universe has room for more than one evil empire. But Microsoft is still the easiest mark. It used to be easy to make fun of Microsoft because they were so formidable and vast. Now it is easy to make fun of them because they get it wrong so often, and it is downright amusing to see so much hype and media attention going to such inelegant products.

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    A little over a year ago, I wrote a column about a Nokia memo that appeared a little over a year ago. The famous “Burning Platform” memo made the case for Nokia bailing out of the open source MeeGo project as a last-ditch effort to save the company.

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