CentOS Admin Mysteriously Missing

Jul 30, 2009

An open letter on the CentOS distribution website gives the impression that their main administrator has mysteriously disappeared.

Lance Davis is mainly in charge of the Linux distro CentOS, a re-build from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In an open letter aimed at him, seven developers are appealing for him to get in touch. Efforts to contact Davis by phone have been of no avail. Davis holding the domain plus sole 'Founders' rights in the IRC channels makes the situation particularly difficult for the developers. Davis obviously is also in charge of donation money. In the letter: "You have long promised a statement of CentOS project funds, to this date this has not appeared."

Developers at CentOS are worried that Davis' AWOL will endanger the whole project: "Please do not kill CentOS through your fear of shared management of the project."

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    Has there been an accounting and disclosure of funds collected and disbursed? Money collected for non-profits must be accounted for on IRS form 990. Has one been created? What is the non-profit name collecting money for CentOS?

    I gave money to CentOS and want an accounting.
  • CentOS Admin Mysteriously Missing

    Umm, no.

    He is not "mysteriously missing" and he is *not* the main administrator of the project. He just has his fingers on some central things - the project has survived for the last year without him surfacing.

    Actually he hasn't done any work on CentOS for quite some time.

    The project itself is well alive and kicking.

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