DRM Issues: Windows Expert Looking to Move to Linux

Sep 28, 2007

Security expert Jesper Johansson is planning to remove Windows Media Center from his computer and to install Linux MCE due to frustration with his former employer Microsoft's DRM software.

Prior to moving to Amazon in September 2006, Johansson was Senior Program Manager for security with Microsoft. He publicly vented his frustration with Windows Media Center in his blog referring to the "Blue Screen of DRM Death", or the death of Windows Media Center. Johansson's frustration was triggered by his attempts to get a cable network video system to run on the machine. Shortly after the movie launched, the image was replaced by a blue DRM screen. Several unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue followed, however, the machine kept on crashing after installing the Internet Explorer update for Microsoft DRM recommended by Microsoft. "Microsofts 'security update' caused a denial of service (DoS)", Johannson states. DRM fanatics made the Microsoft product completely useless, he writes. Johannson views Linux MCE as an alternative. Many users have reacted to his blog entry in the meantime, and shared their experiences with various systems, including MythTV on Ubuntu Linux. Surprised with the vehement responses, Johannson added that he had been satisfied with the Microsoft solution up to this point.

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