Founders Award for Google Chrome

Nov 03, 2009

For Google to publish figures about its various projects and activities is unusual. With the web suite Chrome however, things are different. Google has released information on user numbers and bonus payments to team members.

The search engine giant claims 30 million Chrome users in its first year since release in September 2008. Still a lightweight when compared with established browsers like Firefox (300 million users).

Yet for Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Chrome is a product of excellence and deserving of the ''multimillion dollar'' stock bonus awarded to developers and Chrome team members. Previously, the award has gone to teams involved with Gmail, Adsense and Google Maps, blogs Alan Eustace, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Research.

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  • Google Chrome

    I'm surprised anyone likes Chrome- I really can't stand the interface, with the tabs on top or the lack of a static status bar. But then again, I still have Firefox set up to move the "close tab" button all the way to the right, like it was in the early versions, so maybe I'm just stuck in the past.

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