GNOME 3 Website Launches

Jan 19, 2011

The GNOME Project launches the new GNOME 3 website that brings you all the latest news about the new desktop of the same name.

GNOME 3 Website

The new GNOME 3 website walks the curious as well as the new and seasoned GNOME user through all that the new GNOME 3 desktop is.

In addition to a faster and smoother user experience, the website lists new features for GNOME 3 as window tiling to make using several windows simple and easy, an improved file manager, dark application themes for when you want to focus on pictures and videos, redesigned workspaces so you can easily organize your windows and more.

For more information on GNOME 3 or to download and try the Alpha release visit the new GNOME 3 website.

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    "In the face of constant change, both in software technology itself and in people's attitudes toward it, long-term software projects need to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant. I'm encouraged to see the GNOME community taking up this challenge, responding to the evolving needs of users and questioning the status quo," says Matt Zimmerman, Canonical CTO.

  • Gnome 3.8 Released

    The new Gnome release includes privacy and sharing settings, allowing more user control over access to personal information.

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  • Gnome Foundation has released Gnome 3.0

    Hi its good to know that Gnome 3 has been released. These are the steps to install Gnome 3:
    1.Grab the ISO image based on Open SUSE or Fedora:
    1.Pros: No need to replace your Gnome 2.x in Ubuntu 10.10
    2.Cons: Need to install another distro that stays away from your Ubuntu 10.10 installation.
    3.You can get the ISO image from here. Then place it on a CD or your USB stick and enjoy the Gnome flavour!
    2.PPA for Ubuntu 11.04
    1.Pros: Enables to try Gnome 3 from your own installed Ubuntu or in top of your Gnome 2.x
    2. Cons: Your current Gnome 2.x might get bloated and you will feel why I'm using this as my default one since Ubuntu is shipping Unity from 11.04!
    For more check <a href="">Here</a>
    Or check it out here<u></u>
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