Greg KH Self-Professed Email Junkie

Jan 19, 2009

Novell kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman has released statistics on his personal email activity.

Kroah-Hartman writes in his blog, "A few years ago, when one of my kids was asked what their dad did for work, they replied, 'Sit in the basement and write email.' It's not that far from the truth."

You can tell when Kroah-Hartman goes to lunch and when he transitions to his laptop nearer the end of the day.

He analyzed his server log data to find out how many emails he wrote in 2008 and came up with 19,057, an average of 52 per day. Not that unusual these days, but the frequency is. The busiest day had 600 emails, which meant one per minute in a normal 10-hour day, although it's clear that Kroah-Hartman regularly puts in longer days.

He mentions in his blog that he sends out a lot of patch mail to the kernel list and replies to find out where patch originators work. The spike of email activity is at 10 in the morning and again around 4 in the afternoon. His statistics show peak activity over the year in June and August.

Kroah-Hartman says, "it's no wonder that Google thinks my email address is a spam-bot and refuses to let me sign up for any Google groups with it."

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