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Feb 06, 2009

This first Beta brings developers another step closer to the scheduled release of Gnome version 2.26 in March.

The release of the Beta desktop was announced on the Gnome mailing list, along with an appeal for users to test it, hack it, document it and of course, fix it. Version 2.25.90 has been frozen, which means no changes to the user interface can be made, or new features added, without the approval of developers. Language additions can be posted to the documentation and localization lists.

Among the supposed new features of Gnome 2.26 is a Pulseaudio mixer, an improved Power Manager, an encoder plug-in for Pidgin/Telepathy (planned), revamped artwork and Evolution modifications.

The build utility GARNOME helps with the compilation, and the project has divided the source into its different component groups like, for example, Platform, Desktop or Admin. Gnome Beta can be downloaded and tested by clicking on the links in the email announcement.

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