Island System: Ubuntu Privacy Remix Seals off Users

Nov 21, 2008

Ubuntu Privacy Remix (UPR), based on Ubuntu 8.04 (LTS), is a live, read-only CD that seals off your private data from the outside world. It does this using encryption and isolation methods.

Creators of the CD image Ubuntu Privacy Remix designed it as an island solution and took measures to adapt the Ubuntu distro accordingly. UPR incorporates TrueCrypt for hard disk encryption and modifies the system kernel so that it can't mount any local hard disk data. The modified kernel will also no longer support network functions (LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, IR hardware and PPP). The distro would also be relieved of such unnecessary packets as Pidgin, PPPoE Conf, SMB Client and Update Manager.

This method of booting off a read-only CD provides a completely isolated and unmodifiable system that can't be compromised by spyware or access from the Web. You can also use Extended TC-Volumes to save configuration and user data for OpenOffice, Evolution and GnuPG settings.

The UPR ISO image is available from the Ubuntu project website. The project also provides step-by-step instructions on how to build your own UPR CD, such as when using a different distro.

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