KDE Sub-Project for Real Time Communication

Feb 24, 2010

Chat, instant messaging and video communication: the KDE Real Time Communication and Collaboration (RTCC) project wants to improve the integration of real time communication into the desktop environment.

Londoner and developer, George Goldberg, and his colleagues Abner Silva and Matt Rogers, have presented their plans in the KDE Wiki. They see the integration of real time communication as an important goal for KDE version 4. Stand-alone messaging clients, available to date, are poorly integrated into the desktop experience.

The RTCC project wants to use the free desktop framework Telepathy
Telepathy, that uses the D bus interface, to create a new infrastructure. Also, the developers plan to use existing code from apps like Kopete as much as possible.

First goal is to produce an instant messenger, similar to Kopete but with superior connectivity with other KDE components. Then voice and video. The sum goal of the vision is a variety of practical RTCC components that can be integrated into many different KDE applications.

The RTCC project are looking for volunteers, whereby knowledge of C++ is not entirely necessary. Contact can be made via the mailing list, or the channel #telepathy on the freenode IRC network.

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  • Voice and video

    KDE , Kopete and this new effort are all way too much lagging Empathy, pidgin .... in support of voice and video.

    KDE announcements always show the bright future, but nothing in the present. some of us ordinary users are awaiting since... forever
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