KDE for Windows in Trouble

Jun 05, 2009

One of the driving forces behind the KDE project for Windows is Christian Ehrlicher. However, he has decided to cease producing packets for Windows for the time being.

As Ehrlicher commented via blog, the lack of contact between the hobby programmers (among whom Ehrlicher works) and the paid developers. Also, the going is tough for the few Windows developers to catch the quickly changing dependencies and to correct the stream of errors.

Ehrlicher is also disappointed regarding the various enterprises who promised support upon request from Ehrlicher two years ago but have failed to deliver. One of the companies meant here is KDAB, who started a new Dbus port for Windows without consulting any of the parties involved prior to this time instead of using the existing Windbus project. Till Adam from KDAB has already responded to the accusations and explained that dbus4win does not actually deal with a fork from windbus.

Ehrlicher would like to break away from his work with Windows and instead get involved with Linux development for KDE.

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