MonoDevelop Soon for Moblin/MeeGo

Feb 24, 2010

The integrated MonoDevelop environment will soon be available for developing and debugging applications for the MeeGo (alias Moblin/Maemo) mobile platform.

Kernel developer Michael Hutchinson and Miguel de Icaza together issued a video to demonstrate the MonoDevelop capabilities, specifically how Hutchinson uses it on his MacBook to write Gtk# apps.

A frame from Miguel de Icaza's video: MonoDevelop on a Mac installs the Gtk# program remotely on a MeeGo netbook.

Hutchinson first lets the MeeGo app run as a test on his Mac. Then he used MonoDevelop to transfer the written program over the network to his MeeGo netbook and run it there. The console output appears in a window of the developer environment. MeeGo apps also can be debugged remotely with MonoDevelop, as the video shows.

MonoDevelop is a development environment for C# and other .NET languages. The open source tool runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The new features for MeeGo development are available for download as source code from the SVN repository.

MeeGo is the name of a new project to which Intel contributes Moblin and Nokia its Maemo application platform.

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