OpenTimetool Offers Module for Mobile Devices

Oct 29, 2008

OpenTimetool, a GPL-licensed project time recording tool is now available in version 2.2.2. A new module is ready for mobile phones and PDAs.

Required for the openTimetool time management system is a Java/HTML browser mobile phone or an HTML browser PDA. The display should be at least 128x128 pixels in that the login and time recording pages are optimized for this size. The small size also means smaller and faster data transfers to the server via GPRS.

Supported and tested mobile browsers include Internet Explorer Mobile and Opera Min 3.x and 4.x. Usable but not yet tested are Mobile Firefox and Skyfire 0.8 beta. A PC web browser is recommended for administration and time data analysis.

The vendor <link href="" target="_blank">Visionproduktion</link> provides services for openTimetool along with a complete hardware and software solution. The tool is under current GPL version 3 licensing and available for <link href="" target="_blank">downloading</link>. An online demo is <link href="" target="_blank">here</link>.

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