Oracle Launches JRuby Website

Nov 16, 2007

Oracle has just released the first, major JRuby application, thus demonstrating the viability of the Java port of the Ruby scripting language.

Oracle’s Web 2.0 platform, Oracle Mix, is the home of the first major JRuby application. JRuby is a Java implementation of the Ruby scripting language which became popular mainly due to the Rails Web framework. Sun took on the two JRuby core developers, Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo, a year ago to promote development of the Ruby port.

The third programmer in the JRuby gang, Ola Bini, was a member of a team that completed the new Oracle site in just five weeks. Besides Bini, the team consisted of three colleagues from Thoughtworks and one Oracle employee. The new site is based on Oracle’s database, application, directory server, proprietary single sign-on solution and JRuby on Rails. Oracle Mix will support communications between the company and customers in future, providing information to developers and giving them a platform to exchange information and views.

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