Skype 2.0 Beta for Linux Includes Video Function

Nov 09, 2007

Skype 2.0 Beta now gives Linux users the video functionality that Windows and Mac users have enjoyed for several months.

In their announcement the Skype developers claim that the biggest change to Skype Beta is no less than a “revolution”. The video chat feature now offers a preview and a fulls-screen mode, and there is a dialog for accepting or rejecting incoming video calls.

Video functionality was at the top of the user wishlist. An online survey revealed that no less than 73 percent of all users were interested in video communications. A more clear-cut and simpler GUI only took 15 percent of the votes, taking second place, whereas on 11 percent of Linux users thought SMS functionality was important. Besides video functionality the latest Skype version includes a couple of enhancements and bugfixes to language settings, automatic call accept and API authorisation, for example.

The beta is available from the Skype website. Skype developer Raul points out that this is a beta, and that users can submit feedback and suggested improvements via the Skype formums or the Jira developer network.

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