SystemRescueCd 1.1.5 Updated for Ext4

Feb 13, 2009

SystemRescueCd, a LiveLinux CD for system repair and recovery, is now in version 1.1.5. It supports the new ext4 filesystem that is beginning to emerge in distros such as Fedora 11 and Ubuntu Jaunty.

Support for ext4 has much to do with linux-, where updates to ext4 and reiser4 were backported from linux-2.6.29-rc. SystemRescueCd developers also updated sys-fs/e2f to 1.41.4, which contains important ext4 fixes.

The new version includes revisions of tools, among them FSArchiver 0.4.1, kernel module and utils for btrfs 0.18, ntfs3g 2009.1.1 and GParted 0.4.2. Programmers also added support in the tar archiving tool for the xattr extended attributes, ACL and SE Linux.

The project website provides a detailed changelog. ISO images for SystemRescueCd 1.1.5 to burn to CD are available for download, with an option to install to USB stick.

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