Tailbeep Talks to Festival

Nov 04, 2009

Tailbeep is a simple administration tool that sends an audible beep when it finds a specified search string in a log file. Version 0.45 now includes an interface to the Festival speech synthesis framework.

Tailbeep was originally designed to send an alarm about firewall intrusions by searching for the "DENY" string in /var/log/messages files. The command line tool can also be used for any file that a process writes to in Append mode, thereby requiring write privileges to /dev/tty* files.

Previously Tailbeep supported speechd, but now works together with the Festival free text-to-speech system. The current version adds the ability to speak a predefined message or the line number of the source location.

Tailbeep, licensed under GPLv2, is available for download as C source code from developer Thomas Glascock's soomka.com webpage.

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