Vector Linux 7.0 Light Released

Mar 30, 2012

The Vector Linux 7.0, desktop distribution features four lightweight desktop configurations with JWM, IceWM, Openbox and LXDE.

According to the announcement, the term “Light” is relative. The website states that this 4-in-1 edition gives you the choice of several window managers, in progressively heavier configurations. These are layered on top of the Vector Linux 7.0 Standard base, so the expected libraries, toolkits, compilers, and codecs remain available.

According to the website, for those who want a starting point for their own customized desktop, there is the “Barebone” option. It is managed by the super-lightweight JWM without much fluff and includes Netsurf, a small and speedy web browser. The next level up is “Light.” In this version, IceWM and PCManFM-mod power the desktop without consuming a lot of resources. For more powerful computers, the “Medium” option is a good choice. This gives you the Openbox window manager, fbpanel with a dynamic menu, and PCManFM to handle the desktop and file management. At the high end, you get the full LXDE software suite, on top of everything in “Medium.” This desktop environment keeps up with the times, while maintaining a familiar user interface.

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