Issue #174 / May 2015

DVD: openSUSE 13.2 & MakuluLinux

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We review the OpenStack cloud market, then take a closer look at five OpenStack providers.

SERVICE: Welcome

I recently ran across an article in Ars Technica on the impending launch of the .sucks domain. The article linked to another piece on .sucks at the Marketing Land site. When a company called Momentous picked up the rights to the new .sucks top-level domain (TLD) at the generic TLD sale late last year, the concept of site owners registering a domain in .sucks the way they register a domain in .com made the rounds as an office joke. But now, a few months later, it looks like the operation is really ready for business.

SERVICE: This Month's DVD

openSUSE 13.2 and MakuluLinux


This month's News

Updates on technologies, trends, and tools

COVER STORIES: OpenStack Market Overview

The OpenStack market at a glance

We take a look at some of the options available in the international OpenStack marketplace.

COVER STORIES: OpenStack Solutions

Five OpenStack solutions tested

Several companies offer OpenStack solutions for the enterprise. We look at the similarities and differences of offers from Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, Mirantis, and HP.

REVIEWS: MakuluLinux

MakuluLinux MCDE 2.0 and Xfce 7.1

Two desktop environments and two different distributions as a base – introducing MakuluLinux.

FEATURES: How Does ls Work?

Anatomy of a simple Linux utility

A simple Linux utility program such as ls might look simple, but many steps happen behind the scenes from the time you type "ls" to the time you see the directory listing. In this article, we look at these behind-the-scene details.


Managing files in the Seafile personal cloud

Sync your devices and collaborate with other users in your own personal cloud.

FEATURES: Ask Klaus!

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions


Analyzing network traffic with Tshark

The simple and practical Tshark packet analyzer gives precise information about the data streams on the network.

SYSADMIN: Charly's Column: Prosody

The sys admin's daily grind: Prosody

Columnist Charly Kühnast has been looking into the options of running an instant messaging back end. He chose a particularly lean and easily extendable version.


Go version 1 series

The Go programming language helps programmers avoid the annoying routine and focus on the important stuff.

PROGRAMMING: Perl: Searching Git

Perl script rummages through Git metadata

GitHub is not only home to the code repositories of many well-known open source projects, but it also offers a sophisticated API that opens up wonderful opportunities for snooping around.

LINUXUSER: Darktable 1.6

Photo editing with Darktable 1.6

Hardly anything affects the quality of photos more than play of light and shadow, or the brilliance of colors. Darktable fixes incorrect exposure, conceals unfavorable lighting conditions, and ensures harmonious colors.

LINUXUSER: Command Line: Desktop Recorders

Recording desktop activity

We look at several tools, ranging from very simple to more complex – that can help you record various desktop activities.


Keeping databases in sync

As your data volume grows on your home computer, you can quickly and easily create a reliable backup using FreeFileSync.

LINUXUSER: Workspace: Bottle

Using the Bottle framework to build Python apps

The Bottle framework provides the fastest and easiest way to write web apps in Python. In this article, we help you get started with this lightweight framework.

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Doghouse: BBC Computer Education Scheme

BBC digital competency initiative

The BBC and partners in the United Kingdom start another program to educate young people for the digital future, but FOSS is sorely lacking.

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Laidout Book Creator

Bookbinding on the screen

The Laidout graphic application simplifies the design of books and booklets.


A report on Linux jobs

We look at some recent reports about the Linux job market and interview experts from Red Hat and SUSE.


Chronicler Zack Brown reports on the latest news, views, dilemmas, and developments within the Linux kernel community.

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