Google Earth 5.0 for Linux

Feb 03, 2009

The new version 5.0 of the Google Earth exploratory 3D software provides excursions into ocean depths, to Mars and into the past. The official release will also include a Linux variant.

A so-called bathymetric map of the ocean done through Google Earth provides a topographical view of its depths. In some places Google included videos by oceanographic researcher Jacques Cousteau that provide a seamless transition from the virtual to the real underwater world.

Back on the surface the user can travel into the past with the new software. Google Earth developers assembled old maps and satellite images to provide a historical view of certain world locations, such as the transformation of Silicon Valley from a farming community to a high tech center.

If the Earth were not enough, then why not explore Mars? Thanks to NASA, Google Earth also provides photos of Mars's surface, some in high resolution. Individual tours can be saved; hikes and bicycle trips (but not on Mars!) can be executed ahead of time. To evaluate Google Earth, download the software from here.

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  • It's really a beta software yet..

    I try to install on 4 machines and just the one 32 bits with nvidea video card i could make it work ....
    Still very beta stage.. in my opinion....
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