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LugRadio Live UK – LRL: IRC IRL

Popular podcast goes out with a gong but will return with a new mascot.


Five years and more than one-hundred episodes later, the popular LugRadio podcast has turned off the microphones. The 2008 LugRadio Live event in Wolverhampton, England, was set to be their last live show. Fortunately, and thanks to its very loyal community, the annual shenanigans will continue and LugRadio Live 2009 is already in the planning stages.

Open Vote

Why you should take a closer look at the Open Voting Consortium


Some issues facing the open source community are difficult to explain to outsiders, but some are problems the whole world faces. One issue most people care about is the right to vote. What does the right to vote have to do with open source software?

SWS: The Shell Script as Web Server


Akademy 2008: Amarok’s Projects for the Summer of Code


Google Android and the Dream Phone


Sun Places Java UI Toolkit Under Terms of the GPL


Debian Celebrates 15th Birthday


Linux Foundation Announces Linux Developer Network beta


A Report from OSCON 2008

Open source enthusiasts sweep into Portland


O'Reilly's annual OSCON event attracted a range of open source enthusiasts who were treated to impressive keynotes, a range of "lightening talks," and plenty of in-depth technical sessions.

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