Security News and Articles

Brief Look at CloudFTP

Productivity Sauce


Tools for auditing and securing cloud systems

SYSADMIN: Golden Images

Cloud Storage Behind the Firewall

Bridging the Cloud and BYOD Gap


ownCloud's new commercial venture lets you manage risk and data exposure in a bring-your-own-device age.

The sys admin’s daily grind: w3af

SYSADMIN: Braving the Gap

How to fix SSL

SYSADMIN: Who’s on First?

Google Takeout: viewing what Google knows about you

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Separating the wheat from the chaff

SYSADMIN: Winnowing

Better Bash

Shell scripts from hell: Shebang


In the beginning was the double pound sign and the exclamation mark – or at least shell scripts always start this way. The inventor, Dennis Ritchie, really didn’t know how much pain this was going to cause users.

The sys admin’s daily grind: haveged Random Release

SYSADMIN: Random Release

KeePassDroid: Password Safe for Your Android Device

Productivity Sauce


Issue 30: Getting Started with Linux/Special Editions

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